New Stereo for Bluetooth Audio Streaming

I enjoy listening to audiobooks during my daily commute in Southern California. If you are familiar with SoCal roads, this means I have a LOT of time to listen to audiobooks. (If you have to deal with long commutes, whether driving, taking public transit, or walking; I highly recommend audiobooks to help make the commute much more tolerable).

The audiobooks are on my phone, so streaming from it via Bluetooth is the cleanest and most convenient to get the audio to the speakers. However, my MR2 Spyder didn’t have Bluetooth. Continue reading “New Stereo for Bluetooth Audio Streaming”

Seeing All White

It All Comes Back Around – My New Toyota MR2 Spyder

My Blue Toyota MR2 Turbo – Modifications & Upgrades

2blu2rbo2 right

My blue Toyota MR2 Turbo (2blu2rbo2) had a lot of modifications and upgrades. Many of the major and costly work were done by the previous owner, such as the paint, bodywork and turbo upgrade. As a poor college student at the time, I was only able to do the less costly ones. The list below came from my log from about 10 years ago. I’m so glad I kept it. It feels good to look back at each upgrade and reminisce the time and effort spent working on them. Continue reading “My Blue Toyota MR2 Turbo – Modifications & Upgrades”

My Blue Toyota MR2 Turbo – Repairs, Upgrade, & Maintenance Log

2blu2rbo2 Rear Right

My blue Toyota MR2 was my second MR2, which I named 2blu2rbo2. I was totally excited when I bought it. It was a major upgrade from my previous MR2. I went from my basic, normally aspirated MR2, to the other extreme; a totally upgraded MR2 with a massive aftermarket turbo. Read below for the repair, upgrade and maintenance log during the year I owned it. There’s also some of what I wrote about it in 2003. Wow, that was over 10 years ago. Continue reading “My Blue Toyota MR2 Turbo – Repairs, Upgrade, & Maintenance Log”